Items from the Write-on! Teen Creative Writing Club

Unique Identity Poems

Before I knew how to love
I used to hate
People think I’m crazy
But I’m really fun
In the circus of my family
I am the Dancing Bear
Zander H.

Before I knew how to survive
I used to be lost
People think I’m difficult
But I am just trying to find myself
In the circus of my family I am the tightrope walker
Erica H.

Before I knew how to love
I used to shove
People think I’m nice
But I’m cold as ice
In the circus of my life I am a penquin
Josiah J.

Before I knew how to talk
I used to not
People think I’m silly
But I am not
In the circus of my family I am a monkey
Kaylee B.

Before I know how to sing
I used to eat pie
People think I’m crazy
But I’m weird
In the circus of my family I am a lion tamer
Shayna B.

Before I knew how to sing
I used to eat pie
People think I’m crazy
But I am weird
In the circus of my family I love hot dogs

Before I knew how to walk I crawled
People think I’m all good but I have a dark side
In the circus of life I’m the tent;
I watch over my family -Josh B.

Before I knew how to ride a bike
I used to have scrapes from head to toe
Some people think I’m weird but I’m not as weird as they think
In the circus of life
I’m one of the lions, having to be tamed -Steven B.

Before I knew how to write my own stories
I used to read other peoples’ stories
People think I’m mean but I’m really a nice guy
In the circus of life
I am the clown and the caretaker and sometimes the lion tamer –Chris P.

Before I used to write I used to sit and daydream while staring at the deep, blue sky
People believe that I’m rowdy, but in reality, I fear that my message is lost among the whispers
In the circus of life, I resentfully jump through flaming hoops, only to land on a tightrope with the crowd looking at me
I fear both the fall and/or taking a step in the wrong direction. The tent can’t be seen through and I yearn for the sky again. –Eric S.

Before I knew how to walk I used to crawl
People think I’m smart but I am not
In the circus of life, I’m with the clowns –Makila

Before I knew how to dream I would stay up in the black, dark night, crying, weeping, wishing for some hope that when I fall asleep I will wake with the feeling of love and hope
I used to wish for the grace of God and I wanted someone to hold me in the darkness
People believe that I am hopeless, a lost cause, …
But, I am only a lonely and helpless and small child afraid of the demons that plague my thoughts
In the circus of life I believe I am simply the cage used to hold in the animals that are beasts. I am thought to be useless but when everything breaks I am needed the most. I am cold and hard, made of iron steel that can easily break … –Alexis M.

Before I learned to quickly forgive myself I used to brood for days and weeks over the smallest mistakes, even though I knew that God had forgiven me.
People think I am cheerful but I am actually a negative person who continually fights to see how the negative can be turned to good.
In the circus of my family I am often the ringmaster, sometimes a clown; I definitely juggle many things, and, sometimes clean up some pretty big messes. -Ginger A.


By Hannah Moffett

When you fail, try again
When you fall, get back up … try again
When your heart is breaking,
Pick up the pieces and smile
When the day’s got you down
Look up happy pictures on Google
When you’re so mad you want to scream
When you’re scared, think about WWJD
When you’re lost and don’t know where to turn …
Turn to God

Push Me Down

By Lexi M.

Push me down and see the reaction,
See how many lives you have affected,
Let’s count as we roam the halls,
The lives that you are a part of,
There’s Suzy that comes home every day,
To you yelling at her,
Telling her she’s in the way,
There’s Jill, who loves life everyday
But, thanks to you,
She doesn’t always feel that way
There’s Adam, who always wants to do his best,
But now, your lies have crushed him,
He only thinks of himself as a pest
Take a look around,
Can you see?
All the people around you
Who don’t want to be seen
Who think they’re awful, but they’re the best of the best
The talented, and strong, certainly not a pest?
But, let’s go on,
To make my point clear
How much a nasty remark
Can hurt someone so dear
There’s Sally,
Who used to be unique
You called her “freak” and “disgusting”
And now she’s fake
There’s Lucy,
Who loved to sing,
You told her she was awful and now she’s called a mute freak
And lastly, there’s me,
You said I was worthless
I wanted to be on top
I wanted to be queen
You said I would never amount to anything
But I could be a doctor, a teacher, even a ping pong player!
But thanks to you I lie six feet underground
So, how many more have to be gone
Before you realize what you have done?
How many more have to be hurt?
Before they’re laid underneath the dirt?
Please understand that words hurt
They’re a weapon, a canon, a destruction for all Earth
So, please see that you affect somebody everyday
And please decide that it will be in a positive way

The End

By Eric Stearns

My shoes hit the road and I began my journey down the long, seemingly endless road. In my hand, I wielded my device, thus allowing myself to enjoy the serenade of artists playing. Not another soul seemed to be wandering with me, so other than the voices coming out of my ear buds, the only other companion that I had was my thoughts.

    As the song was changing, I was reminiscing a moment in class. Our teacher was explaining to us a theory that motion was impossible. The moment that the words had left her lips, one kid threw his journal across the room and said, “There! It moved,” which caused me to kick a rock across the road only to prove his point, but it was an interesting concept.

    At the end of the street, I saw a fire hydrant and knew that my next turn was going to be to the left. Listening to my music, I just made my way down the street, slowly but surely.

    One song after another, I just walked, but I didn’t seem to be making any progress and the sky began to grow dark. I looked at the fire hydrant and I had made little progress in getting there. This brought me back to the motion conversation and me trying to remember more details. Oh, well! I had plenty of time to think about it now, just me and my music. I looked down at my device. 5% battery remaining.

Daddy’s Day

View Daddy’s Day by Hannah Moffett.

Day By Day

By Lexi Mumma

Day by day,
The pain goes away
Day by day,
You’ll be the same
Day by day,
It’ll eventually be okay
With day by day
The pain will fade

Day by day,
I’ll be at your side
Day by day,
You’ll be alright
Day by day,
Will stop the crying at night
Day by day,
You’re going to survive
Day by day,
Now, don’t you cry
Day by day,
Jesus is at your side.

An Autumn Acrostic

By Aubrey Anderson

All the colors turn brown

Underneath your feet leaves crunch

Tall glasses of apple cider

Unhealthy amounts of candy earned!

Many layers of clothing
Nature takes a turn

My Meeting With an Alien

This past month, the teens completed a writing project where they numbered their papers one through six and answered the first question, folded it over so that other teens could not see it, then passed it to the following person so that they could answer the next question. The final product was a funny story about meeting an alien.

Story #1

I was trying to sleep and failing.

l looked out the window and saw a figure standing in the street. He looked disfigured and confused.

I was with my imaginary friend, Shaniqua.

I was getting some ice cream in my dream when it happened.

The alien had the body of a centaur with what looked like a scorpion’s tail. Its fur was blue from head to hoof. Two eye stocks sprouted atop its head, along with the ones in its skull. It had no mouth.

I didn’t scream at all. He actually looked kind of … cute. I introduced myself. It spoke to me in a language I did not understand. I decided to try using sign language to communicate with it.

And … we all lived happily ever after.  THE END

(So, here we have an alien with no mouth but still able to speak. Hmmm.)

 Story #2

Monday, 8:15 p.m. I was at Walmart. Standing outside of the store.

I was by myself. At this moment, I wish I wasn’t.

I was in need of the restroom.

The alien was a powder blue shade. He sort of looked like my neighbor, Hank. Not saying much –Hank always did have a large cranium. The alien had large teeth and bugged eyes.

I approached it and it spoke to me through my mind. I heard it speak but I did not “hear” it.

In the end, the alien had to leave. To be honest, I was a bit sad. He was my new friend. I would never forget him.  THE END

(The alien probably needed to buy something in Walmart. You can never get out of town without buying something in Walmart.)

 Story #3

It was the middle of the night and I was coming home from the mall. I came to an abandoned construction site.

I was alone. No one was with me in my room with this strange creature.

He looked gray and veiny. He had a height of well over 6 feet. His width was two times the width of a man. He had pinchers like some sort of insect and the claws of a crustacean. He made a sort of soft clicking noise that bounced off every surface. This is how he “saw” things, since he had no eyes.

I kissed him.

In the end, it’s given me a perspective on life. We are not alone and someone likes me enough to speak to me. THE END.

(I like how the narrator moved from the construction site, to their room, to the store instantly. Maybe he is also an alien.)

 Story #4

It was half past one. Whilst snoring in my bed …

I was with my five friends. We are called “the gang.”

I had been on Deviant Art with a friend. We had added a new role play about Christmas.

The alien was brown with three eyes and a slimy tail. It had four fingers on each hand. It was with a brown dog.

I ran downstairs to the front door. I wanted to see it at ground level. I threw the door open and saw him. He hadn’t moved an inch.

We got married and had little alien babies. They are all very cute, except for one…. One was very ugly.

(Well, at least this one has a happy ending … sort of.)

Story #5

I saw him at lunch time when I was on the throne. (Editor’s made “improvements” here.)

I was with my husband, Gerald. He’s a plumber.

We were just looking for a shortcut home.

Surprisingly, the alien had normal skin. It had soft, gray eyes. Instead of hard, black eyes as one would expect. He was a bit shorter than normal and he had shaggy hair.

I ran away to my cousin’s car and we drove off as we screamed.

The alien looked my way and stared at me. He raised his hand, and a brilliant bean of light came down from the sky. I saw him float through the brightness and into the small door at the end. A flash – and it was gone.  THE END

(Well, at least it had a dramatic ending. lol)

 Story #6

I was in my room, on my laptop. I heard something but, it soon went away. I continued to type but then the sound came again. I looked at my bed and there was … the alien!

I was with my sister and my cousin.

All I could do was stare at it; I was frozen in place.

He was small and round, but looked like Chewbacca, because he was furry. He was cute in a terrifying way.

When I saw it I calmly asked why it was here. It asked if I wanted to attend “the” party. I calmly said, “No.” He left.

I got the power to morph into animals and must now protect the world from mind-controlling slugs.  THE END

(Another happy ending!!)