2010-2011 LSTA Grant

The Linton Public Library has recently finished a project made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. With a grant of $5,892 and our match of $589, we were able to complete our migration to the Evergreen catalog system with the purchase of the required receipt printer and new barcode scanners. This has helped us financially as we no longer need to purchase date stamp, stamp pad ink or date due slips. It also saves staff time since we do not stamp each book or place and replace date due slips.

We were also able to add to our program room’s efficiency by wiring in a ceiling mounted projector and adding wall mounted speakers, all purchased with grant funds. We were also able to purchase a mini-cam and a wireless presentation remote controller. All this new equipment makes our program room ready and capable of being used for distance teleconferencing or any presentation. Since we no longer use the cart for the projector, we now have a safer room and can accommodate more people for meetings or conferences. Plus, the portable projector can be used with our Smart Board, either individually or in conjunction with presentations using the mounted projector.

Additionally, we replaced 3 of our oldest computers with brand new ones in the adult area, purchased a new fax machine, new computer mice and 20 headphones. Our older headphones had stopped working as had most of our computer mice. Now we have headphones for every computer in the building and enough computer mice as well. We then moved 3 of the computers down to the children’s area to replace our oldest ones. The new fax machine is a vast improvement over the older one and provides better fax copies and saves time as it works at a faster speed. Overall these LSTA funds have allowed the library to provide greater service to our patrons.