Teen Programs @ Linton Public Library


Teen Programs @ Linton Public Library

Make Waves @ Your Library This Summer

Teen programs are open to all 5th—12th grade students

Soldier pen-pal for teens. First Monday of each month beginning April 5th 4-5pm

TEEN BOOK CLUB 4th Friday of each month 4-5pm

June, 2–summer sign-up begins

June, 8— Create and film a library commercial 2-4pm

June, 10—Teen Second Life (create your own avatar-2-4pm

June, 12—Library lock-in-6:30-10pm

June, 15—Chocolate fest 2-4pm

June, 17—Teen Spa day 2-4pm

June, 22—Teen Science Discovery 2-4pm

June, 24—Under the sea journaling 2-4pm

June, 29—Outdoor water games 2-4pm

July 1—Teen Luau 2-4pm

July 6—Pirate Day 2-4pm

July, 8—Beneath the waves art day 2-4pm

July, 13—Teen mini concert with local artists 2-4pm

July 15—Music mania 2-4pm

Additional programs may be added

For more information contact Shelly Puckett @ 847-7802